The JFH Myler Bit Line: A Seamless Progression from Disengagement to Engagement

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We are excited to announce the launch of the JFH Myler Bit Line, a collaboration between Jonathan Field Horsemanship and Myler Bits. This innovative bit line has been designed with the progressive pathway of disengagement towards engagement in mind, ensuring a seamless synergy between horse, rider, and bit. In this blog post, we'll delve into the benefits of this unique partnership and how it can enhance your horse's training experience.

The JFH Myler Bit Line has been carefully crafted to cater to both English and Western riders. One of the standout features of this line is the incorporation of Sweet Iron mouthpieces. Sweet Iron is a live metal that encourages salivation, providing a better taste for horses compared to traditional steel. This not only promotes comfort for your horse but also enhances communication between you and your equine partner.

A significant part of Jonathan Field's training philosophy revolves around the progressive pathway from disengagement to engagement. Disengagement refers to the initial stage of training, where the focus is on teaching the horse to respond to cues to bend and move laterally. This stage is crucial for establishing a foundation of trust and understanding between horse and rider. As training progresses, the focus shifts towards engagement, which involves maintaining contact and achieving higher degrees of flexion while keeping the horse straight and working through their body.

The JFH Myler Bit Line has been designed with this progression in mind. The bits are specifically tailored to accommodate the varying needs of horses and riders at different stages of their training journey. Bit one, for instance, is ideal for horses that require more bend and lateral movement, as well as shoulder and hindquarter control. This bit is perfect for the disengagement phase, where riders are working on establishing responsiveness and communication with their horse.

As the horse advances in training and moves towards the engagement phase, riders can transition to bits two or three. These bits are designed to relieve the tongue to some degree and provide more stability, which is essential for maintaining straightness and achieving higher degrees of flexion. The JFH Myler Bit Line offers a smooth transition between these stages, making it easier for riders to adapt their communication with their horse as their skills develop.

Another advantage of the JFH Myler Bit Line is the focus on anatomically-considered bit design. Myler Bits is renowned for its attention to the intricate details of the horse's mouth and how the bit interacts with the various structures within it. This meticulous approach to bit design ensures that the horse experiences optimal comfort and responsiveness, which in turn promotes a more harmonious partnership between horse and rider.

The JFH Myler Bit Line is an exciting addition to the world of horse training, providing riders with a range of bits specifically tailored to support their horse's progression from disengagement to engagement. With the unique combination of Jonathan Field's progressive training philosophy and Myler Bits' innovative design, this collaboration is set to revolutionize the way riders communicate with their horses, leading to happier, more responsive equine partners.

Experience the difference for yourself by exploring the JFH Myler Bit Line today!

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