Celebrating Students & Horses ~Tabitha and Zeus.


Sharing the success of Tabitha and her Andalusian gelding, Zeus. 

As a coach and mentor, there is satisfaction and pride when you see students enjoying success with their horses through connection, feel and horsemanship skills. It's such a great feeling, celebrating the hard work and dedication of students who are committed to the pursuit of excellence in horsemanship. My life’s work!

I am so proud of Tabitha and her gelding, Zeus. This pair has come so very far together into the partnership they are developing. A few months prior, he was scared, explosive and had very few skills to rely on. Tabitha has worked so hard to get to this moment shown in the video here; riding out in a pasture in a relaxed trot. VERY inspiring!

Let’s take a look at a lesson demonstrated here. There is focus needed when riding, seeing the very specific path in your mind’s eye when you are in movement with your horse. Being strong in your core and allowing that focus to tell your hands and legs what to do. That focus, in turn, communicates very clearly to the horse what the expectation is and feels good to them when it is done in communication and in feel. Something we must all aim for, each ride!

So proud of you, Tabitha and Zeus!

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