Is Your Horse Ready for Spring? Are You?

All equestrians are excited to get going with their horses as winter starts to taper off, especially those of us in cold climates. Spring is on its way and we can’t wait!

As enthusiastic as we are to get going, our horses need some consideration and preparation for the riding season ahead.

A few things to be mindful of:

  • No Feet = No Horse: Be VERY careful as the rich and nutrient dense spring grasses come up and our horses move off winter hay. Laminitis is a worry for all horse owners. Take some time to research this, check your horses condition and consider their feeding transition.
  • Cinchy Sensitivity: We are so excited to get riding! As we thaw and get saddled up and out with our horses more, be aware of the delicate skin on a horses belly and girth area. Especially with a winter coat shedding, the skin in that area will be soft and tender. Give them time to build their skin toughness there! Check this area often and make sure your cinch is tight enough to stay on but so tight to create a sore spot. 
  • Connection Expectations: Give time for the horse to get connected to you again. If they have been off for a while I always give them a week or two of riding with less expectation to be really connected. They need time to start feeling off of us again, get the body and mind coordinations back and relax under our guidance. If they have been away from your regular time together, they feel for the herd and travel on their own volition. It takes time for that to transfer back to us. 
  • Fitness Readiness: Take it slow, allow weeks of build up to significant fitness. Going too hard, too fast can risk injury and unnecessary pain to your horse (and you!). Remember how hard it is to get into shape if you're off. If you are planning your busy riding season or attending an important event, get started early!  

We want ourselves and our horses to be set up for success! Let’s aim for health and for fun as we shake the snow off our boots, enjoy longer daytime hours, and set goals for our horse activities.

Let’s get to it, 2022!


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