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About Open Field...

What a blessing to be in a digital age with global reach bringing us to new levels of learning, connection and sharing. We can add so much to our arsenal of educational tools!

Curating horsemanship lessons in video format is certainly nothing new to me, I've spent a better part of my career creating content this way. In fact, it's how I learned so much myself when I was starting out, watching countless hours of horsemanship videos, any that I could get my hands on! 

What impresses me now, is the ease with which we can share, in the moment, real life and raw content that is easily accessible to so many, so quickly. That was the original intent of Open Field Membership, making video content that horse owners could study and learn from. Certainly, we have done that and continue to do so adding valuable, real life lessons regularly that members view and adapt for their own development.

But what has also emerged are vibrant, online and in person, communities of like minded people dedicated to the study of horses and horsemanship. Horse enthusiasts from Scotland to Washington and everywhere in between. Our regular, live, virtual events have created a venue where ANY member can submit a video and I can offer immediate coaching, answer questions and be with so many horse enthusiasts who, like me, are dedicated to learning.

I enjoy seeing and hearing Open Field Members chatting together at live events or connecting online to share their passion and interest for horses. What a gift to engage in conversation with dedicated people who are committed to improving partnership with their horse. It’s a special thing, being with so many learners investing their time and energy into the pursuit of great horsemanship. Something I, too, feel so energized about. 

Open Field Friends, I thank you for your dedication to horses and for including me as part of your horsemanship learning. 

 Stay Inspired by Horses®.

~ Jonathan


Fun Facts about Open Field Membership

  • Regular, live,  virtual events with Jonathan where members can get one on one coaching and have their horsemanship questions answered. 
  • Digital format accessible on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.
  • Over 150 individual lessons with over 45 different horses.
  • Average length of each lesson ranges from 8 -12 minutes - easy to watch, learn and try with your own horses.
  • Engage within the platform; make comments, read comments and ask questions with members and Jonathan.
  • Active Facebook community connecting people from within and outside of their home communities. 
  • Special pricing on digital courses offered by Jonathan. 




Check out our YouTube channel!  A free playlist of full length lessons, representing a sampling of Open Field content: ground skills, riding, liberty, student lessons, special sessions and full training series. 

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