Why Do Liberty Training with Horses?

If there was one thing I could do all day, it would be to play with a horse at Liberty. When all the ropes and all the tack is gone I feel I am getting to the purest form of communication. 

When some of my old, very job driven, cowboy friends hear the word Liberty, their first response is “why?”. 

My initial response is “ it’s a BLAST!”. 

But because I’m also very purpose driven and practical, it is about building a great connection with a horse and refining my communication. Learning it correctly and safely; it is about sensitivity, position, and angles. 

Most importantly for me, it’s a truth serum test! It’s where the rubber meets the road to see if my horse gets it. Especially in wide open areas. If they don’t, it becomes a quick feedback loop. I need to see where to improve my communication to get better with my horse. I still work on the ranch, start colts off my horses, jump them over fences, and the better we trust and communicate with one another the more we can do successfully. 

When pursuing the Art of Liberty training you thus dive deep into the wonderful study of horsemanship. It has led me down a path I am so grateful and excited about, and continuously look forward to seeing where the journey takes me.   

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