Horsemanship Tools: Two 22' Lines.


 We now have 2 choices for 22’ lines: the Kanga Swivel Snap and the Ring Rope. Both ropes are the same material as our 12’ lead ropes. 

I have found so many ways to use these long lines to enhance connection and communication with your horse. A handy horsemanship tool to have in your tack room!

Kanga Swivel Snap (NEW) 

This 22’ line is great for long-lining and circling horses. The swivel and weight of the rope with the kanga snap offer a good feel to communicate with and can be used for:  

  • Long lining - single or 2 lines
  • Confidence building (around hind end, legs ) showing your horse that ropes can touch them around their body
  • Increasing distance to develop a greater connection 
  • Larger movement warm-up for the older horse 
  • Testing your transitions
  • Moving them sideways at a safer distance 

The Ring Rope: 

This ring has a good release effect when you run the rope through it. Thinking broader than a halter, lead rope and a horse's head gives many benefits to teaching horses to follow-a-feel from other parts of their body.  

  • Leading by a leg (future safety if a horse gets caught in a fence)  
  • Confidence building around cinch area or belly (bucking issues) 
  • Many young horse training applications  
  • Neck rope for liberty preparation 

Get started with either 22’ line soon and start by practicing your rope handling skills; layering it, not getting it tangled or wrapped around your legs and feeling the different weight and life in the rope. Once you get comfortable with those skills, your world opens up with options using the longer ropes.

I love the benefit of my horse having more freedom developing connection at greater distances. 

Stay Inspired by Horses!  

Jonathan Field


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