Herb Williams & Jonathan in Toronto


Three Rules:

1. To rest is to rust.

2. You only keep what you give away.

3. Live everyday no matter how old you get, the best is yet to come. 

I recently had a visit with my dear friend, Herb Williams. Herb was the owner and host of the international show, Super Dogs. With this famed event he performed for millions of fans, celebrities & even Royalty. Anyone who knows Herb, would agree he is one of a kind. For his 85th birthday he flew to Savannah, Georgia, to buy a bright new suit jacket and go rollerblading! 

I have known Herb personally for many years and I can tell you, now in his 90’s, he lives like this today. Each of our visits are inspirational conversations for me. When I was in Toronto in 2015, he and his lovely wife Joan, were preparing to leave their beautiful estate after decades of life there. It was time to move on. Me being a sentimental type, I could feel the incredible history of the life they led, raising family and living all these years on the acreage in the Toronto City limits. That time, that era, was coming to an end. I had to ask how he felt about leaving? Without hesitation, Herb told me, “The best is yet to come - I’m excited about the future.” That's just who he is.

He is still entertaining and playing piano for the seniors that are in his building. He was recently featured on a TV program for the amazing responses he is getting and the importance of music and wellness in senior residences. He shared with me that he is sparking incredible clear memories and conversations for people when he plays hymns and songs of their past. He continues to inspire and share his love of life.

Here is a quote he shared with me on that visit in Toronto; 

"To rest is to rust. You only keep what you give away. Live every day no matter how old you get, the best is yet to come." ~ Herb Williams 

I keep this in mind on a daily basis. We are living in a time where taking it easy is encouraged and the times of the past were thought of as better. We only have what is in front of us. And I, like Herb, want to turn our bodies in, thoroughly used up. The best is yet to come. 

I like to recall one of my favourite experiences with Herb; him on a baby Grand Piano and me on Quincy in Calgary during JF and Friends 2014. He was the emcee at this event, some of you may remember one of the twelve, bright suit jackets he wore! Undeniably, this was a life highlight for me. I thought you might enjoy this memory and the thought that, yes, the best is still yet to come! 

 Click the link to see me riding Quincy while Herb played piano during JF and FriendsQuincy, Jonathan and Herb. What a memory!


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