Celebrating Students & Horses ~ Barb & Socks.


 As a coach and mentor, I enjoy seeing and celebrating the success of students and their horses. It is powerful to see connection and harmony between horse and rider, a life’s work for me!

 Here’s a nice moment with our friend, Barb and her gelding, Socks. He’s a very sensitive horse with a desire to always go-go-go. She has worked hard to get relaxation and achieve connection with him. It’s been quite a journey and this video clip shows how the combination of  patience and horsemanship can make such a nice change in a horse. 

 Of important note is the lesson on adding purpose and focus that is shown in this session. Barb has a stick, attached to a string, attached to another stick and she is focused on keeping the ground stick in one place while she maintains a rhythmic, forward trot in a specific circle, holding the other stick steady! It’s a fun way to add focus and accuracy to your riding. 

Doing a simple, specific activity like this is a great way to have your horse feel like you’re doing something together versus the horse feeling like something is being done to them. Barb is now even able to get a few laps with the rein over her saddle horn! 

So proud of you, Barb and Socks! 


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