Reflections from Jonathan & 1883, Elsa Dutton, Quote

Jonathan's Reflections

We sat down the other night enjoying the Paramount Series, 1883. The story and cast are amazing and I had to pause it when the character, Elsa Dutton, said this;

"Freedom is accepting consequences, embracing them...wrapping them around you like a blanket" 
Sheridan T. (Writer)(Director). (2021). The Fangs of Freedom [TV series episode]. T. Sheridan (Producer), 1883. Paramount. 
I am blessed in life where my days are immersed with horses and helping people learn to be better with horses at nearly all levels and disciplines. With a life dedicated to the study of horsemanship and looking in as a mentor or coach it's easy to see what gets in the way of that relationship. 
Taking responsibility, removing our story and being present with the horse is freedom to me. It is where you can find Feel and Flow. 
The moment we ask our horse to move - the story of what was in our head needs to adapt and feel what the horse is offering. No matter what we had in our heads, our plan, our program or whatever outfit we wear - the horse does not care and needs the rider to be present. In this moment we need to accept what is right there and feel to the horse and direct our thoughts to the next ask. Don't judge & wait - be let down - frustrated - embarrassed - direct that energy, that flow - those feet. Feel the horse openly, focus on where you want to go and then go about your next communication.  
If there is resistance about what is - to what we’d like, expect or hoped for - the horse is on his own. Elsa’s thought provoked this: wrap the moment around you like a blanket - don’t resist it. It is your friend - accept it, clear your mind and you’ll find freedom in whatever your horse offers. Then move forward from there...and a moment later from there. 
Pause before your next play with a horse. Mentally clear, put the phone away and dedicate moment to moment to ask and accept and direct what is there. 


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