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Who It's For:

This Spotlight Course is tailored to a wide array of horses and riders, accommodating horses with diverse temperaments: energetic to calm, hard to read, or unpredictable.

Getting a horse to slow down and stop is easy when things are calm, but what about those moments when they get excited? That's where this course will help. You'll learn how to deliberately increase and then smoothly decrease your horse's energy. Equally important for people: learning how to manage your own energy.

With the simply outlined skills in this course, you start from the ground and transfer them to the saddle. You'll explore various techniques: bending a horse to stop, disengaging at different speeds, stopping straight and calming an impulsive horse.

Learn the importance of preparation as it pertains to all horses. Of particular highlight is that a 'calm' horse might not always be a safe horse if they haven't been prepared to be able to ‘think’ back to you when they are energized.

The goal of this training is to provide you with skills that you can apply both now and in the future for routinely checking in with your horse to ensure they are still listening and that they (and you) haven't fallen into the bad habit of being on autopilot.

Suitable for all riders, regardless of discipline, style, or breed: this course is a valuable resource for both seasoned equestrians and beginners.


A "Spotlight Course" is a targeted approach in horse training, focusing on a particular topic or behavior. It differs from broad-based foundational training by addressing specific issues that require direct, specialized strategies. These courses aim to shine a light on these topics to quickly impart effective solutions, saving the years and often the pain it took me to learn these techniques.
Introducing the

Slow Down! 5 Steps to a Better Stop - Spotlight Course

Experience real-time lessons where Jonathan shares the journey with his new gelding, Zeus, whom he acquired only a few months earlier specifically because he was a known bolter. This course gives you a front-row seat to Jonathan's expert approach in transforming challenging behaviors into harmonious partnerships.

You'll Learn:


Energy Control & Ground Skills:

Master techniques for increasing, decreasing, and shutting down a horse's energy focusing on the hindquarters and forequarters.

Rein Aids Mastery:

Learn neutral lateral bend, indirect rein positions, and the two-rein stop, prioritizing seat over hands.


Softening Resistance & Aid Prioritization:

Develop skills in body control for reducing resistance and adapting aids for different scenarios.


'X' Pattern Mental Engagement:

Implement methods to help horses anticipate stops.


Finding the Stopping 'Sweet Spot'

Identify and use the most effective stopping position.


Stop Training Dos and Don'ts

Understand key guidelines for stopping techniques.


Sequential Training Program:

Follow a structured sequence for clear and consistent training.


Refined Stopping Techniques:

Teach horses to stop with minimal bend and proper body alignment.


And in true Jonathan Field Horsemanship style, Jonathan demonstrates with a horse that was a known bolter and is definitely a good candidate for these lessons, offering the best learning experience for you!



What It's All About 

With the simply outlined skills in this course, you start from the ground and transfer them to the saddle. You'll explore various techniques: bending a horse to stop, disengaging at different speeds, stopping straight and calming an impulsive horse.


Course Features:

6 Full-Length Video Lessons (42 minutes)

In depth, detailed lessons taking you and your horse from individual skills to purpose activities. 

Success Tips For Learning At Home

Fast-track your progress with these tips to help sky-rocket your learning at home.

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Self-paced and convenient access on desktop or mobile device with a free app included. Take the lessons with you out to your horse and refer back as needed.

About your instructor

Jonathan Field

Jonathan Field is a master horseman, world-class clinician, headlining presenter, contributing writer for multiple equine industry publications, and author of the book, The Art of Liberty Training With Horses

Internationally recognized for his accomplished skill as both a horseman and educator, Jonathan's foundational horsemanship program serves horses and riders of any age, skill level or discipline - from recreational riders to professionals and elite competitors.

With a deep comittment to helping horses everywhere, Jonathan's methods go beyond simply teaching what to do and how to train. Instead, he empowers and mentors a "way to be" that leads to transformative changes for both horses and students who, like him, are  Inspired by Horses®.

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