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Essentials for Every Horse Owner:

Navigating Safety and Leadership with Horses.

From young horses to old, and everything in between - whether you're playing on the ground, or riding at any level, this introductory course is for you. . . 


"This well layed-out and brilliantly demonstrated program gave me a solid understanding of pieces I was missing, areas we are doing well on, as well as goals to set for our communication. "

Marie, student of 3 Horses ~ 3 Levels Course
Introducing the

Foundation First:
3 Horses ~ 3 Levels Course

A short-course introduction to key concepts, skills and exercises from the first 3 levels of the Jonathan Field Horsemanship program. Featuring 3 different horses at various ages and stages of training.

You'll Learn:


From 3 Equine Teachers

  1. GERONIMO a 1-year-old pushy colt.
  2. ARMANDO a 7-year-old green, spicy riding horse.
  3. LITTLE  an 11-year-old advanced horse focusing on flexion and collection.

    This Course will introduce the first three levels of the Jonathan Field Horsemanship program, each taught by a different horse. Lessons include actionable steps, study guide notes, and a fun quiz for each section.


Essential Skills & Purpose Exercises For EVERY Horse

No matter the horse's age, breed, discipline, good training requires a progression that makes sense to the horse. These skills help transform your horse from distracted to connected, unbalanced to balanced, and restless to relaxed.

Bonus Lesson

Bits & Equipment

Learn why and when certain bits and other equipment are used at different stages to develop a horse. It's about selecting the right tool at the right time to help refine your communication. 


What It's All About 

This covers the fundamentals to building a safe, connected and willing partnership with ANY horse - regardless of age, stage, breed or discipline.


Course Features:

7 Full-Length Video Lessons

In depth, detailed lessons taking you and your horse from individual skills to purpose activities.

Success Tips For Learning At Home

Fast-track your progress with these tips to help sky-rocket your learning at home.

Downloadable Study Guides & Checklist

Download or print to reference important tips, lessons and exercises. 

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Self-paced and convenient access on desktop or mobile device with a free app included. Take the lessons with you out to your horse and refer back as needed.

About your instructor

Jonathan Field

Jonathan Field is a master horseman, world-class clinician, headlining presenter, contributing writer for multiple equine industry publications, and author of the book, The Art of Liberty Training With Horses

Internationally recognized for his accomplished skill as both a horseman and educator, Jonathan's foundational horsemanship program serves horses and riders of any age, skill level or discipline - from recreational riders to professionals and elite competitors.

With a deep comittment to helping horses everywhere, Jonathan's methods go beyond simply teaching what to do and how to train. Instead, he empowers and mentors a "way to be" that leads to transformative changes for both horses and students who, like him, are  Inspired by Horses®.

See full bio HERE


“ What Students Are Saying „

From Joan:

"Jonathan presents his courses so clearly, building on skills as your horse develops . . . and he does it in ways that are so simple to follow."

From Kathy:

"This is an excellent, in-depth 'peek' into Jonathan's program, and WHY it is a program."

From Kim:

"This course really forced me to go back to the basics, to be aware of whether I really do have my horse's mind. It helped me self-evaluate my progress and gave me an invaluable tool . . . and having such easy access on my phone makes it an ideal format to take out to the arena."


This course is for you if:

  • You are new to Jonathan's horsemanship program and want a simple, straight-forward place to start. 
  • You are familiar with Jonathan and his program, and looking for a practical refresher on key concepts.
  • You care about horses, want to understand them and build a safe, connected, willing and fun partnership with ANY horse.

This isn't for you if:

  • You're looking for a course on how to tame, start or re-start a horse under saddle.
  • You are looking for a quick, gimmicky fix for problem behaviours. 
  • You don't want to learn how to become safer, more effective, or have more fun with your horse.

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3. Transform Your Horse Into a Partner

Finally have a clear strategy to help your horse become safer, calmer, more balanced, and mentally connected to YOU!


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