COURSE 1 & 2:
Leadership, Partnership & Confidence

June 9-11th, 2023

Surrey, British Columbia


Clinic Host:
Tamara Chmilar 
[email protected]

In any discipline, to be great you must first master the fundamentals, and these two clinics are FULL of them! This unique event offers two separate clinics in our popular small group format. Course 1 will run in the morning, and Course 2 in the afternoon. 

In Course 1 you'll learn to establish an effective communication on the ground and under saddle to safely create a willing partner.

Course 2 explores a deeper understanding of prey animal psychology and physiology to uncover how influencing the horse’s bend and balance can create relaxation in movement, both on the ground and riding. 



  • An introduction to the first levels of the Jonathan Field Horsemanship Training Scale™ of Path & Speed
  • Focus on leadership and safety, both on the ground and while riding.
  • Learn to read behaviour through the 6 C's™ and understand the psychology of the horse.
  • Learn to establish personal space on the ground and do a pre-ride check before you ride in order to stay safe.
  • Building communication using the Primary Equine Language™ to get good body control.
  • Learn riding body positions rein aids, and equitation to be a more effective rider - and know when to get off!
  • Learn a canter program to build confidence in you and your horse.



  • Focus on the next steps in the Jonathan Field Horsemanship Training Scale™: Bend & Balance on line & riding
  • Learn to use pressure appropriately and read your horse correctly
  • Discover how to “Stretch the elastic band” both emotionally and physically
  • Teach your horse to find relaxation in movement by finding an active neutral 
  • Learn to develop an intent-based communication 
  • Learn to use leg yields and other lateral exercises to improve canter departures, and develop a more comfortable canter to ride.
✴ Each clinic has a different dynamic of people and horses. Some lessons may be focused on more than others, including some not mentioned here. If one of these goals is important to you, please mention so at the beginning of the clinic.



$870/rider per clinic (tax included)

3 FREE spectator tickets.

  • $400 per clinic deposit required to register. Remaining balance due 30 days before the event.
  • Spectator tickets will be given upon arrival.
  • Stabling not included.


$30/person/day or $75/person for all 3 days (tax included)

Pre-registration is appreciated (scroll below to register).

Tickets also available at the door.

  • Bring a chair and blanket for comfort


Small group format, 6 riders max per group.


  • All riders must provide proof of current Horse Council BC Membership or equivalent insurance.
  • Youth riders must be between 16-18yrs of age must submit a Young Rider Authorization form for approval to participate.
  • Horses must be at least 3yrs old, have a minimum of 40 rides and be ride-able at the walk, trot and some canter. This is NOT a colt-starting clinic.
  • You must be comfortable riding at the walk, trot and some canter on the horse you bring. You must use the same horse throughout the clinic.
  • Stallions NOT permitted.
  • Some knowledge of the Jonathan Field Horsemanship program is helpful (you have read "The Art Of Liberty Training For Horses" and/or watched the Natural Foundation Home Study Program ~ particularly Ground #1 & #2 and Riding #1.
  • Course 2 clinic: riders must have completed at least one previous Course 1 clinic with Jonathan on the horse they intend to bring to Course 2.
  • Contact Clinic Host with any questions or concerns.


Pinnacle Stables 
19023-8th Ave  Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Map location HERE

Covered Arena: Indoor arena, bring your own chair and blanket for comfort.

Food:  Not available onsite. Please bring your own or travel 10 min for local restaurants.

Pets & Smoking: NOT permitted onsite. Thank you!

Stabling: Indoor boxstall with shavings or outdoor paddock with shelters: $45/day + tax. Self board - bring your own hay/feed and water bucket.

Stabling is of limited availability - please pre-book with clinic Host. If you are from the local area and are able to haul in each day, please do so.

Hotels Nearby:
Days Inn & Suites Ph: 1-866-238-4218,  Coast Hotel (Langley) Ph: 1-800-716-6199



Video or audio recording of any kind is NOT PERMITTED. Please pass this information on to friends/family that may be attending to watch. Photos of clinic participants are for your personal use only and may not be used for public display or commercial purposes. You may not publish, post, or display any photos of Jonathan Field, the Jonathan Field Horsemanship Centre or any member of the Jonathan Field Horsemanship team without their written consent.


Payments accepted by Visa/Mastercard, Etransfer, or PayPal.

A $400 deposit per clinic is required to confirm your spot in the clinic. Deposits are non-refundable, non-creditable and non transferrable. 

Remaining balances are due 30 days before the clinic. This includes stabling and accommodation fees. Balance payments are non-refundable and non-transferrable, and can only be applied to a credit.

If you cancel out of the clinic at any time, the $400 deposit is forfeited. Your balance payment will then be applied to a Jonathan Field Horsemanship Credit, less a $50 Cancellation Transaction Fee.

IF we are able to fill your clinic spot with another rider, then both your deposit and balance will be applied to a Jonathan Field Horsemanship Credit (less the $50 Cancellation Transaction Fee.) Credits can be used to purchase Jonathan Field Horsemanship merchandise, equipment, DVDs, an Open Field Membership, or applied to another clinic or camp if space allows.


For more information, please contact:


Tamara Chmilar
1-888-533-4353 [toll free]
[email protected]


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